Wednesday, 1 May 2019

The Woe Singer and The Canticle of Sorrows - Troika!

Woe Singer of the Forlorn Chantry
With a sad visage of tear-streaked blue, and swathed in black grief-cloth, you sing the misery of the Forlorn Order, painfully beautiful in its bleakness. Your god has passed, and all must feel your sorrow and heartache.

Mournful robes of a burdensome ebony velvet
Raven-wing coronet
Basalt jar of azure face powder
A dull black dagger

3 Second Sight
3 Spell - Canticle of Sorrows
2 Spell - Darkness
2 Spell - Befuddle
1 Weapon Fighting: Dagger
1 Sleight of Hand
1 Sneak

Spell - The Canticle of Sorrows (3)
This spell is sung like a gloom-laden dirge, and any who hear it are swallowed by a powerful sadness and an all-consuming despair. Those effected embrace defeat, become racked with hopelessness and are utterly dispirited, causing them to surrender or withdraw to wallow in their ennui. This lasts until a more joyous song or sound is heard. Has no effect on the hearing impaired.

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