Wednesday, 1 May 2019

The Woe Singer and The Canticle of Sorrows - Troika!

Woe Singer of the Forlorn Chantry
With a sad visage of tear-streaked blue, and swathed in black grief-cloth, you sing the misery of the Forlorn Order, painfully beautiful in its bleakness. Your god has passed, and all must feel your sorrow and heartache.

Mournful robes of a burdensome ebony velvet
Raven-wing coronet
Basalt jar of azure face powder
A dull black dagger

3 Second Sight
3 Spell - Canticle of Sorrows
2 Spell - Darkness
2 Spell - Befuddle
1 Weapon Fighting: Dagger
1 Sleight of Hand
1 Sneak

Spell - The Canticle of Sorrows (3)
This spell is sung like a gloom-laden dirge, and any who hear it are swallowed by a powerful sadness and an all-consuming despair. Those effected embrace defeat, become racked with hopelessness and are utterly dispirited, causing them to surrender or withdraw to wallow in their ennui. This lasts until a more joyous song or sound is heard. Has no effect on the hearing impaired.

Welcome to the City of Sorrowstone

Greetings travellers.

Some of you may already know me from the Neural Archive blog, a digital dumping ground for all things relating to my cyberpunk roleplaying.

But here we are in the domain of Sorrowstone, a place that I intend to use to post my fantasy and sword and sorcery RPG musings. Old school D&D, WFRP, Troika and countless other systems and settings will be discussed, as well as showing off projects and game ideas.